EVs Will Continue to Gain Momentum in 2018

Written by: Electrification Coalition

There are many signs that 2018 will be a monumental year for EVs. Last year, many automakers committed to some form of vehicle electrification. In addition, 2017 saw record numbers of EVs hit the road across the US. There is a lot of momentum in the world of EVs, and it looks like consumers will see a much more matured EV market in 2018.

EC Chart.png
Source: http://energyfuse.org/chart-of-the-week/

To identify trends in the EV market, one can simply take a look at where the money is going. A Reuters analysis shows that recent total investments in batteries and EV technology from many of the world’s major automakers totals over $90 billion and continues to grow. Automakers who are stepping up to the plate on electrification include Ford, Daimler, Volkswagen, GM, Tesla, and several Chinese automakers. Reuters says the following EV investments have been announced to date: $52 billion in Germany, $21 billion in China, and $19 billion in the United States.

These massive investments follow a wave of new transportation regulations. 2017 saw many of the world’s largest economies put a deadline on the combustion engine. Counties such as Germany, China, France, India, and Britain have set dates after which they will not be allowed to sell diesel or gasoline-powered cars within their borders. California is also currently considering putting a deadline on the combustion engine, with the earliest suggested ban deadline being a decade away. The people have spoken and automakers are listening.

2018 also promises to be a great year for the Chevy Bolt and the Nissan LEAF, two of the most beloved EVs on the road. The Bolt saw great sales in 2017, and 2018 will be the first full year in which it is available nationwide. Nissan is giving their LEAF a major refresh with all-new styling, increased range, and a load of other high-tech upgrades.

Know anyone who is waiting for their Tesla Model 3? The much-anticipated and hotly-demanded Tesla Model 3 officially went into production in 2017, but production issues resulted in very low volume production. It looks like 2018 will be, for the vast majority of Tesla customers, the real year of the Model 3. With more than 400,000 pre-orders on the books and production rates currently at 1,000 vehicles per week (and expected to rise to 5,000/week by June), you should begin to see the first mass-market Teslas in your town or city this year.

All these trends and announcements add up to a truly exciting and interesting year ahead. What are you most excited for in the world of EVs in 2018? Are there any big trends or developments that haven’t been included here? Reach out to us on Twitter @Fleets4Future or @ElectricRoadmap and let us know!