Webinar Archive

Cooperative Procurement Opportunities

Join the F4F team for this final project webinar to learn about alternative fuel vehicle cooperative procurement opportunities available to public fleets and an exciting new announcement.

Incorporating Gaseous Fuels Into Your Fleet

Learn about both gaseous fuels and their respective vehicle technologies, the best applications of the technology, and planning guidance for cooperative procurement.

Best Practices for EV Charging Infrastructure

Learn the basics on electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), how to use telematics for infrastructure planning, and best practices for education and technology.

Incorporating Electric Vehicles Into Your Fleet

Join the F4F team to learn about electric vehicle (EV) opportunities available on the market today, how to assess the suitability in your fleets, and how incorporating EVs can reduce costs for your fleets.

Clean Cities Fleets for the Future Informational Webinar

Calling all Clean Cities Coordinators! Check out this webinar detailing Fleets for the Future (F4F) efforts with Sourcewell to offer competitive pricing for alternative fuel vehicles. Vehicles range from plug-in hybrid sedans to natural gas refuse trucks to full electric shuttle buses and cargo vans. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure and associated services are also newly available through Sourcewell. View the recording to learn more about how you can help your members and local stakeholders transform their fleets with F4F.

Exclusive Deals on Alt Fuel Vehicles (October 2017 Only)

Fleets for the Future (F4F) is excited to present to you exclusive offers on the most popular alternative fuel vehicle models for public sector fleets. Please join NARC, National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), Zenith Motors, and National Auto Fleet Group (NAFG) to learn about our available clean vehicles provided through NJPA, a leading national purchasing cooperative with over 50,000 members. Vehicles range from plug-in hybrid sedans to propane and natural gas trucks to full electric shuttle buses and cargo vans. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure and associated services are also newly available. In October only, Zenith and NAFG will be offering an additional discount on vehicles through F4F.

How the Volkswagen Settlement Could Impact Regions

After it was determined that Volkswagen (VW) had intentionally violated emissions controls, VW has agreed to settle by spending up to $14.7 billion to remediate the excess NOx emissions. A majority of this money is going to vehicle buyback and modification programs ($10.03 billion) for affected consumers -- but $2.7 billion of this settlement money is going towards NOx reduction programs via the Environmental Mitigation Trust with an additional $2 billion going towards ZEV programs around the country.

Join Ben Prochazka from the Electrification Coalition for an overview that will provide general information about the current status of the consent decree, the anticipated timeline, and how this funding can be used to accelerate vehicle electrification.