Biodiesel Vehicles

  • Biodiesel is produced from new and used vegetable oils, animal fats, and recycled restaurant grease.
  • Significantly reduced life cycle carbon emissions.
  • Can range in concentration from B2 (2% biodiesel, 98% diesel) to B100.
  • B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% diesel fuel) is the most common blend.
  • All major OEMs support the use of at least B5 under their warranties.
  • Biodiesel is available in all 50 states.
  • Examples: Ram 2500 HD, GMC Sierra 2500.

Ethanol Flex-Fuel Vehicles (FFV)

  • Run on gasoline and any blend of gasoline and ethanol up to E85 (or flex fuel).
  • E85 is a blend of gasoline and 51% - 83% ethanol.
  • One fueling system that can accommodate the variance in fuel.
  • Very similar to gasoline vehicles.
  • Can have a lower fuel economy than a conventional vehicle.
  • Examples: Chevrolet Impala, Audi A4 Quattro.

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