Greater Tucson

PAG and Greater Tucson

The Pima Association of Governments (PAG), a council of governments including local, state, and tribal governments, was established as a metropolitan planning organization in 1973. PAG is located in Tucson, AZ and serves the Pima County region. The region has a population of over 1 million.

PAG conducts short-range and long-range transportation planning to help the region secure federal funding. PAG is also the designated water quality, air quality, and solid waste planning agency for the region and contracted with the U.S. Department of Energy in 1998 to manage a Clean Cities program and form a local coalition of partners to help expand the use of alternative fuels and vehicles in the local market.


PAG teamed up with the National Association of Regional Councils to help facilitate better pricing opportunities for those who are using or are interested in using alternative fuels or alternative fuel vehicles for their organizational fleets.

As more people use alternative fuel vehicles or alternative fuels, the environment faces less air pollution and vehicle owners see less fuel and maintenance costs. Plus, clean fuels are generally safer to handle, store, and use while providing the same power, acceleration, and speed as gas and diesel-powered vehicles.

This partnership will help lead to cleaner communities in the region and across the Southwest.


PAG believes this partnership will help expand awareness of the benefits of using alternative fuel vehicles and/or alternative fuels, knowledge about the alternative fuel or vehicle options available to fleet operations, and better pricing opportunities that engage more people in the use of sustainable transportation options.

As more people use alternative fuels and vehicles as a result of this partnership, awareness and support toward the need for a more robust alternative vehicle and fuel infrastructure is sure to follow. 

Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition

The PAG Clean Cities program, through its Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition of over 90 members, works with local businesses and government to help establish the foundation for a viable alternative fuels market.

The coalition expands through Yuma, Pima, Pinal, Graham, Cochise, Santa Cruz, Greenlee, Gila, Navajo, and Apache counties, including the City of Tucson. This area has more than 200 alternative fuel charging stations, and membership that saves an average of 1,990,819 gasoline gallon equivalents each year to avoid 11,095 tons of CO2 annually.

Regional Contact Information

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