National Public Sector Procurement

 We created this flowchart to help you navigate some of our national opportunities - view the full interactive graphic   here

We created this flowchart to help you navigate some of our national opportunities - view the full interactive graphic here

F4F has launched a national public fleet procurement program through a partnership with the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) designed to increase the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure by aggregating demand and reducing upfront costs. Participants are now able to purchase and lease discounted vehicles off of NJPA's wide variety of contracts.


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National Private Sector Procurement

Request for Information

Download: RFI: Proposed National Procurement for Private Sector Fleets

The purpose of this Request for Information (“RFI”) is to facilitate a process to gauge interest from trade associations or other agencies that have a national membership base or the capacity to reach a national target audience to create a cooperative procurement program that includes alternative fuel vehicles (AFV). The target audience is private sector fleets, or the commercial market. The F4F project currently includes a national-scale public sector procurement initiative for AFVs along with fleet services, parts and equipment. The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) and the F4F team have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to join forces in promoting AFVs through NJPA’s national vehicle program already in place. NJPA has nine national vendors under contract that offer a selection of fleet services, parts, equipment, school buses, and vehicles and chassis, with AFV upfit options for purchase and possible leasing arrangements. It would be ideal to set up a program similar, yet smaller in scale, to the NJPA program to respond to the needs of the private sector fleet market.

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Submit your response electronically to NARC requests the document(s) be in PDF format. It is the responsibility of the respondent submitting a proposal by email to ensure that the proposal has been received by the appropriate NARC staff, and not blocked by a spam filter or rejected because of large attachments. To confirm receipt, you may contact Sarah Reed.

Massachusetts State Contract VEH102 for Advanced Vehicle Technology – Open to Public Entities Nationwide!

VEH102 is a statewide contract for advanced vehicle technology developed through a partnership between the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), the Massachusetts Operational Services Division, and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. The contract is available for use by all public entities in Massachusetts and nationwide.

There are three service categories covered by this statewide contract:

  1. Electric vehicle charging stations – build out the refueling infrastructure necessary to support plug-in electric vehicles.
  2. Idle reduction technology – implement fuel-saving technologies to eliminate vehicle idling.
  3. Aftermarket conversion technology – save money and reduce emissions by retrofitting or up-fitting gasoline or diesel powered vehicles to run on alternative fuels.

Using the state’s online procurement system, COMMBUYS, public entities can access the products and services provided by the selected vendors in each category and request quotes. The statewide contract provides convenience and easy access by eliminating the need to carry out a procurement independently for advanced vehicle technology. Read the contract user guide for details on eligible public entities and the purchasing process.

As a partner of the Fleets for the Future Initiative, MAPC developed the Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program (PDF link) to bring public entities together to take advantage of the bulk discounts available on VEH102. The current round of the Program is focused on hybrid electric up-fits and retrofits and will run from July 2017 – January 2018. Public entities interested in purchasing the advanced vehicle technologies available on VEH102 or learning more about MAPC’s Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program can contact Megan Aki, Clean Energy Analyst at MAPC, for more information.