Fleets for the Future Instrumental in New Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Category at National Joint Powers Alliance

While the number of available electric vehicles is rapidly expanding, some important questions stand out for government, education, and nonprofit organizations nationwide: where and how do we purchase electric vehicle charging equipment at a good price and value to help power these vehicles?

Fleets for the Future (F4F) worked with National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) to help develop a new, successful nationwide competitive solicitation category: “Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and Related Services.” This combined effort offers public fleet managers across the country more access to review and purchase Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) and related infrastructure, one of the primary goals of the F4F national procurement initiative.

This summer, NJPA awarded five new vendors offering electric vehicle charging infrastructure: AeroVironment, ChargePoint Inc, Greenlots, LilyPad EV, and Siemens Industry. These vendors will provide considerable discounts on a variety of products and services including Level I, Level II, and DC-fast charging stations, as well as analysis and planning, installation, maintenance, and software services.

“What we wanted to accomplish with this contract solicitation was to provide our members a variety of simplified charging solutions that make sense for them,” Scott Carr, NJPA Contract Administrator explained. “Now, our members have the ability to pair our electric vehicle contracts with our charging infrastructure contracts for a turnkey solution.”

As NJPA put in their recent news release, public fleet managers that become NJPA members “can [now] find everything they need to provide charging solutions for any size project or program, from just one vehicle to public parking spaces and ramps, up to a full fleet of vehicles.”

Want to become a NJPA member to take advantage of this opportunity? Register for free online with one quick form. By joining today, you can ensure your fleet is ready to purchase the new NJPA electric vehicle supply equipment and services as soon as possible. You will also be able to access more vehicle and related infrastructure options as new opportunities and vendors continue to join NJPA through our F4F effort.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Fleets4Future for more information and updates on F4F’s national procurement initiative.  You can also visit the F4F page on the NJPA website to find out more about the partnership, types of vehicles available through the initiative, and participating vendors.